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What is Stem Cell Therapy?


Dr Nathan Wei
The Arthritis Treatment Center (ATC)

According to Dr. Rocky Tuan, former head of the Cartilage Biology section at the National Institutes of Health, “…stem cell- based strategies should provide practical advantages for the patient with OA. The use of stem cells in combination with bioactive substrates… has significant clinical potential and is likely to be important in future cartilage-repair technologies.” This is the philosophy of our center.


The stem cell program at the Arthritis Treatment Center is called the Guided Missile procedure, standing for guided mesenchymal stem cell layering technique. Autologous stem cells (a patient’s own stem cells) combined with platelet rich plasma and autologous fat are sequentially placed using precise ultrasound guidance in the area of osteoarthritis. The goal is to repair articular cartilage and help patients regain their mobility without having to resort to joint replacement surgery.


How well regarded is our program? This is a direct quote from Don Margolis, the Chairman of the Repair Stem Cell Institute...”of our 9 approved centers, Arthritis Treatment Center becomes only the second to match Theravitae (2005) in pretreatment and treatment patient service.”

"I had extreme pain all over my body. My knees would become swollen to the point where I could hardly walk. I needed help in the morning to get dressed. I felt despaired. I was in desperate need of help. I was tired of getting up every morning and crying because the pain was so bad. Dr. Wei was encouraging, sympathetic, hopeful and told me that together we were not going to give up. I felt that I had met what I call 'my miracle worker'. I cannot sing enough praises about Dr. Wei. If it weren't for him, I know I wouldn't be walking today."
Julianne Dombek -
Keymar, Maryland

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