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Stem Cell Ideal Candidates


There are several factors considered when determining if one is a candidate for stem cell treatment.


Most important is the severity of the osteoarthritis (OA). We grade osteoarthritis using the Kellgren-Lawrence grading system. Grade I is minimal OA. Grade IV is “bone on bone”. There must be some cartilage and joint space left in order for the stem cells to have something to work with.


Other factors include:

You must be younger than 75 years of age.


Height and Weight
Your Body Mass Index (BMI) will be calculated based on your height and weight. You must have a BMI of less than 30.


General Health
You should be in good general health.


Activity Level
It helps if you have been athletic in the past or have maintained an active lifestyle.


Finally, a person’s expectations factor into whether or not he/she is eligible. While many patients are experiencing significant improvement, you will not feel like you are 21 again.



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“I was living each day in pain… unable to bend my knee, kneel, or walk long distances. I needed to remain active so that I could care for my property, my horses, and my dogs. Oral medications didn’t agree with me, so I worked through the pain without drugs. Dr. Wei and I decided that the stem cell regeneration procedure might be the best option for me. I was a little nervous about having the procedure done, but it was quick and I noticed improvement within a day of having it done. The level of pain has reduced significantly, and I have mobility back in my knee. This was the best choice for me in finding relief, and I recommend it to anyone who may have similar symptoms.”
Carla J. Bitner –
Hagerstown, Maryland

“I was experiencing more than 2 years of shoulder pain. It was affecting my swimming, daily house chores, and other simple things such as reaching a dish from a kitchen cabinet. It was becoming increasingly difficult to anything with a push/pull motion. Dr. Wei talked to me about a stem cell procedure that could actually regrow cartilage and eliminate my pain. I decided to have the procedure done!

I know that this will sound a little crazy, but I actually enjoyed the procedure. It was not painful, and I really found it fascinating to watch the procedure on the ultrasound machine. I felt no discomfort, and everything was done under a local anesthetic. I experienced far less pain than I expected, and I didn’t use the pain medication that he prescribed. I am now in physical therapy and have already experienced noticeable improvement.

I recommend this procedure to anyone who has osteoarthritis and may be looking at a new and more innovative approach to treating their disease.”
LaNita Bennett –
Mt. Airy, Maryland


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