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Many improvements are being made with medicines that can help people with arthritis. New medicines for arthritis are now available. Physicians and other health professionals perform research studies to determine if these drugs will be safe and effective.


Clinical studies are used to test the safety and effectiveness of medications. The drugs are first tested thoroughly in a laboratory before patients are allowed to use them. Participation in these studies is voluntary. Patients who do participate are also allowed to stop the study at any time. The benefits to participating in clinical studies are the opportunity to test new investigational treatment before it is available to the general public, and access to free study-related examinations, laboratory tests and procedures.


To find out if you qualify for any of the following clinical studies, please click on the link below to find out what some of the qualifications are and how you can learn more about the studies.

Clinical Studies


Rheumatoid Arthritis
Psoriatic Arthritis


Clinical trials are conducted primarily in four phases (I, II, III, & IV).


Phase I is the first time the investigational material is used in humans. These people are usually healthy volunteers.


Phase II is a trial with people who have the disease, but are generally healthy. This phase assesses safety as well as the efficacy of the treatment.


Phase III is a trial with a larger population of affected patients to determine safety, efficacy, and side effects for a more diverse patient pool.


Phase IV clinical trials take place after the drug or treatment has been approved by the FDA to determine its long term safety.


After a clinical trial has been completed, some sponsors may decide to continue giving the treatment or medication to patients who are receiving relief and therapeutic benefits from the medication. In this case, the study is continued to further monitor the success or long term side effects that may result. In other cases, patients will not receive study medication until it is approved by the FDA and available for public use. When a study ends all data is compiled and assessed. The safety, efficacy, and side effects of the study treatment are agreed upon.


With your help we can find a cure for arthritis. Volunteers are critical components of drug and treatment approval! Please ask today how you can become one of our many clinical trial participants.


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“Before I came to see Dr. Wei at the Arthritis Treatment Center, I was very unhappy and felt very old.  I was always tired and grumpy.  Luckily, my aunt, Patsy Reeder, and my mother, Marjorie Griffith, both are patients of Dr. Wei. They told me to go see him because he really helped them out.  When I finally decided to make an appointment I couldn’t believe it.  Dr. Wei and his staff were wonderful and made me feel welcomed and relaxed.  I was very well taken care of.  Dr. Wei did more than I could ever expect.  I am completely pain free!  I can’t believe it!  I’m able to do my normal routine without any pain.  I didn’t think that would ever happen!  I am definitely going to continue my care with Dr. Wei!”
Jill Fauble -
Boonsboro, Maryland
“I just had so much pain and discomfort.  Sleeping at night was so difficult for me.  My daughter called to get me an appointment at the Arthritis Treatment Center (ATC).  When I originally tried to get an appointment in Hagerstown with a doctor, it was a long time before I could see them.  I was so pleased when my appointment was scheduled within days.  I came to see Dr. Wei.  The clinic is very well run and organized.  I particularly appreciate being able to reach someone any time I have any concerns.  It is such a relief to be pain free and be able to get a good night sleep.  I feel right now like I did before the onset of my arthritis.”
Beverly C. Moore -
Falling Waters, West Virginia
“My problems began in 1985.  I could hardly walk and was not able to do my daily activities.  The pain made my life a living hell.  I was unable to get around so my everyday living was nothing.  I’ve been seeing Dr. Wei for 20 years now.  After seeing Dr. Wei I feel cured.  I am great and I can now walk and do my daily activities.  The staff is great and you just get a wonderful feeling when you go to Arthritis Treatment Center.  I wouldn’t go anywhere else!”
Dolores Miss -
Frederick, Maryland


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