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"At this time, we are not conducting any enrolling fibromyalgia clinical trials.


If you are interested in fibromyalgia clinical studies, please complete the research application.

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"With Fibromyalgia I had my good days and bad days, and I usually crashed on the weekends, because I would push myself too hard during the week. I work a full time job and I focus my energy into being able to perform my job at the highest level possible.  Most often this leaves me drained on the weekends and I have to limit what I was able to do during my leisure time.  I became involved in a Fibromyalgia study and I felt that my life had changed.  I felt great during the study.  It made me realize how good I could really feel and it gave me the hope that with the right course of meds, that my fibromyalgia could be controlled and managed!"
Kathleen McLaughlin -
Middletown, Maryland


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