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FDA Nixes Antacids With Aspirin

An over the counter preparation that could be life-threatening… next

FDA warns OTC antacids with aspirin can cause stomach or intestinal bleeding

Lydia Wheeler writing in The Hill reported that the Food and Drug Administration “is warning consumers to beware of over-the-counter drugs that contain both an antacid and aspirin.” According to the agency, these products “can cause stomach or intestinal bleeding.” Although rare, the FDA says it has identified eight cases of serious bleeding since 2009.

Comment: Not a big surprise here. In the old days when we used high doses of aspirin, people would get bleeding ulcers frequently.


Amazing Shoulder Secrets Revealed
Here’s a better understanding and anatomy of your shoulder.

Shoulder RA

Is there a particular area that seems to be involved early in patients with rheumatoid arthritis… and I’m not talking about the usual places…

Shoulder Injury Happens Earlier Than Expected in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Bill Schu writing for MD reported that study in Arthritis Research & Therapy found that patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) experience shoulder pain early in the course of the disease, suggesting that screening of shoulder function should become a larger focus for maintenance and treatment of RA.

Comment: This is surprising because rheumatoid arthritis is a small joint disease early on.

Typing on a Tablet Can Put a Strain on Your Shoulders

Got a tablet computer… better watch out for this problem… next

Typing on a Tablet Can Put a Strain on Your Shoulders

Ann Lukits writing in the Wall Street Journal reported using touch-screen keyboards on tablet computers for long periods of time could lead to chronic shoulder problems, suggests a study in the November issue of Applied Ergonomics that compared the musculoskeletal impact of three types of keyboards.

The small study found touch screen, or virtual, keyboards, which lack a feedback mechanism indicating a key has been pressed, require less typing force and finger-muscle activity than conventional keyboards. But tablet users must keep their fingers hovering above the keyboard to avoid accidentally activating the keys. That can lead to prolonged static loading in the shoulders, a form of muscle exertion caused by not moving, the study suggests. This study comes from Northern Illinois University.

Comment: Another casualty coming from the digital age.  Let’s go back to pen and paper.

Steroids Don’t Block Inflammation

Maybe high dose steroids don’t really block inflammation…

Study Shows Paradoxical Effects of Anti-Inflammatory Steroids

A University at Buffalo study has shown that high doses of steroids exert pro-inflammatory effects despite their use over the past six decades as anti-inflammatory drugs.

The study, led by Paresh Dandona, MD, PhD, SUNY Distinguished Professor of medicine is the first of its kind in humans, in vivo.

Dandona and fellow researchers found that high doses of corticosteroids — or steroids — have a primary anti-inflammatory effect. Yet, they also have certain pro-inflammatory effects that may limit their overall benefits.

“Our data show for the first time that corticosteroids lead to marked and persistent suppression of chemokines and several other inflammatory cytokines and mediators in humans, in vivo,” he explains.

Comment: Very interesting and perplexing.

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