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Spironlactone for Knee Effusion

An old drug with a new use… next

Low-dose spironolactone seen as safe, effective treatment for patients with OA-related knee effusion

Reported in Healio… “Low dose spironolactone is a safe, effective and noninvasive treatment for osteoarthritis-related effusion. It is effective in mild and moderate cases and, to a lesser extent, in severe cases,” Sarah Ohrndorf, MD, specialist in internal medicine/rheumatology in the Department of Rheumatology and Clinical Immunology at Charité University Hospital in Berlin.

Researchers categorized 200 patients with unilateral knee effusion related to osteoarthritis (OA) into four groups with 50 patients in group 1 receiving spironolactone for 2 weeks, 50 patients in group 2 receiving ibuprofen for 2 weeks, 50 patients in group 3 using cold compresses twice daily for 2 weeks and 50 patients in group 4 receiving placebo for 2 weeks.  Group 1 outperformed all other groups.

Comment: Who would have thunk it?

Loneliness Causes Sickness

Loneliness… it can make you sick

Loneliness may trigger changes in cells that can lead to sickness, study suggests

CBS News reported that a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that “loneliness isn’t just a sad state of mind – it may actually trigger changes in our cells that can make us sick.”

AFP reported that investigators “looked at leukocytes, white blood cells that the immune system uses to protect against bacteria and viruses.” The researchers “found the same shift in genetic expression in the white blood cells of people who lived alone and in social isolation.” Additionally, the study “found that loneliness predicted the gene behavior a year or more in advance – and conversely that gene expression predicted loneliness measured a year or more later.”

Comment: We are social creatures after all.

Pain Increases Muscle Strength

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Pain increases muscle strength

M. Alexander Otto writing in Rheumatology News reported on a randomized controlled study involving 27 people.   The Danish study showed that after eight weeks of strength training, subjects whose knees were injected with a painful hypertonic saline solution before each workout had quadriceps (thigh) muscles that were 22 percent stronger; the quadriceps of peers that didn’t  get the painful injections were 7 percent stronger.  No pain… no gain


RA Plus Bad Sleep Equals Pain

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RA Patients With Poor Sleep At Greater Risk For Pain.

Bill Hendrick writing for WebMD reported, “People with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) who don’t sleep well face significant risks of greater functional disability due to pain and fatigue symptoms associated with poor sleep quality,” according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine. The researchers asked 162 patients, who had RA on average for 14 years, to provide “information concerning fatigue, depression, severity of pain, and functional disability.” The results showed that “61% of participants were poor sleepers” of whom 33% reported having “pain that disturbed their sleep at least three times per week.” Another study showing the correlation between poor sleep and pain.

Arthritis Research… The Informed Consent ZZZzzzz

Don’t be a guinea pig.  The low down on arthritis research.

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