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Stem Cell Therapy… Fountain of Youth?

It’s been more than 8 months since Warren Suker had a stem cell procedure for osteoarthritis of the knee.  He says, “I’m feeling like a young school boy.  I am slowly building my strength back up with low impact exercises.  My range of motion is incredible, and I’m living my day… not worrying about knee pain.  I am looking forward to having the other knee done in the spring.”

Attention:  AOC now specializes in procedures using platelet-rich plasma and stem cells.


Dr. Wei states, “regenerative medicine has flown under the radar.  First used by laboratory scientists and then veterinarians, it has surfaced in the last few years as a legitimate healing technique for those with osteoarthritis.”

He adds, “the two components used are platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cells.  What platelet rich plasma and stem cells do is halt and reverse nagging soft tissue injuries and accelerate healing at breakneck speed.”

… So how is it done? 

Dr. Wei says, “stem cells are prepared from a bone marrow specimen obtained from the iliac crest of the hip using local anesthetic.  They are then injected into a joint for the purpose of regenerating either cartilage, tendon, or ligament depending on what has been injured – extending the natural life of that joint.”  He continues, “but this procedure goes one step further as we inject PRP, which contains multiple healing and growth factors.  It is obtained from a simple blood sample. 

Stem cells have growth factor receptors on their surfaces.  Growth factors from the PRP bind with these receptors, and make the stem cells start to divide and multiply. 

“Most importantly we use ultrasound needle guidance.  This means we deliver the PRP/stem cells to the exact location needed to get the best result with the least discomfort to the patient.”

Combining PRP and stem cells sends healing and recovery into warp drive. 

David Krieger shares, “my knee pain was placing considerable restraints on me when I would exercise or want to go running.  When I had heard about the stem cell procedure, I decided to find out if this would be helpful for me.  I had the procedure in October 2008.  It was quick, uncomplicated, and non-painful.  I didn’t feel a thing!  It’s been three and a half months now, and I appear to be getting stronger and stronger everyday.  I have no pain in my knee and I feel terrific.  I haven’t quite resumed a full run on the treadmill, but I’m walking pretty quickly.  I’m 65 years old, and I believe that the results have been life altering.”

Dr. Wei goes on to say, “PRP and stem cells have helped our patients with tendonitis, bursitis, and osteoarthritis recover and get back to doing the things they enjoy like gardening, golf, fishing, skiing, basketball, and so on, because stem cells make new healthy tissue. 

 This procedure promotes a surge in healing!


Sherrill Pirsamadi traveled from Houston, Texas to have this procedure performed recently.  She says, “three months ago, I had a procedure performed on my left shoulder where Dr. Wei injected stem cells to help re-grow my cartilage and provide me with some mobility and relief.  Six months ago, I had traditional surgery on my right shoulder, to help give me some mobility back!  Today, I can say that my left shoulder is wonderful!  I have movement, and I am not feeling any discomfort or pain.  It’s amazing!  Sadly, my right shoulder seems to be taking much longer to heal, and still requires that I take pain medication to get through the day.  The stem cell procedure is less complicated and seems to have been a far better improvement over the traditional procedure performed on my right shoulder.”  Just this past month the Pirsamadi’s returned to AOC where her husband, Javad, had a knee procedure performed.  Stay tuned for his results…

Please contact our office at 301-694-5800 to find out if you can benefit from this procedure.

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