Why Participate?

8 Reasons It Could Make Sense for You

  1. You’ll get free lab work, exam, x-ray, and study-related drug.
    “I have benefited immensely from all the physicals, free x-rays, and laboratory studies, as well as the five years of free calcium” –Nayoda Kefauver of Frederick, Maryland.
  2. Most studies will reimburse you for your time and travel.
    Stipends range from $50 to as high as $1,500 or more—depending on the study.
  3. You will help further research into new and improved medications that could lead to a cure.
    Every day we get closer to a cure and every day we provide someone with arthritis relief! Unfortunately, the greatest roadblock to completing research studies is the inability to get enough volunteers.
  4. You will be monitored carefully and frequently by experienced research staff.
    “I feel very safe and comfortable participating in clinical studies. I can speak to Dr. Wei at each of my visits. Blood work is done frequently to monitor my body’s response to the treatment, and when I have my infusions (of medicine), the staff are checking on me every fifteen minutes. The care I receive continues to meet my expectations.” Mary Ann Marvil of Sharpsburg, Maryland
  5. You will receive cutting-edge therapy.
    Many of the drugs undergoing study have been shown to be more effective than available treatments. Often, the only way to gain access to these miraculous medicines is through a clinical trial.
  6. You can have your life saved… literally!
    Every year, 6-7 patients who undergo screening for our studies are found to have serious medical conditions they didn’t know existed. Some of these problems can be life-threatening. An example: John Alexander volunteered for a clinical trial at the Arthritis Treatment Center. As part of the screening he had a chest x-ray. It was abnormal. He was rushed to the hospital and had emergency surgery for an aortic aneurysm. The surgeon told him if he had waited another 24 hours, he would have died. R.B. Omo had an abnormal ECG when he was screened. He was sent immediately to his cardiologist and had an emergency heart bypass procedure that saved his life!
  7. You can benefit by getting relief from your arthritis pain and offering hope to others who have arthritis.
    Colleen Clancy heard an ad for a research study at the Arthritis Treatment Center. Ms. Clancy had horrible knee pain and trouble walking. She met the qualifications and enrolled in a study for osteoarthritis of the knee. She had never been to the Center before. As part of the study, she received an arthroscopy which she found to be “very helpful.” She feels that the procedure and the study medication have benefited her, as is evident in her ability to do things now that she had difficulty doing before. Recently, she ran a half-marathon!
  8. You can prevent your disease from progressing. 
    Before Jenny Parker came to the Arthritis Treatment Center to participate in a research study, she had constant knee pain. Since the study, her ability to get into the shower and go up stairs has greatly improved. She exercises daily on her Gazelle, doing as much as 3 to 4 miles a day. “I am glad I came here!” she said.

It’s important to note that not all arthritis patients qualify for clinical trials. There are specific criteria that a patient needs to satisfy in order to be accepted.  But the only way to know whether you can join one of our clinical trials is to give us a call.

Please contact Michelle Grimm at 301-624-1164 or 888 71-STUDY to learn more.

I became involved in a Fibromyalgia study and I felt that my life had changed. The study made me realize how good I could really feel and it gave me the hope that with the right course of meds, my fibromyalgia could be controlled and managed!"

Kathleen McLaughlin,
Middletown, Maryland

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