Krystexxa – New Medicine For Gout.

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FDA Approves Krystexxa  For Hard-To-Treat Cases Of Serious Gout.

Andrew Pollack of the New York Times reported that the FDA approved “a new drug to treat serious cases of gout.” Krystexxa was developed by Savient Pharmaceuticals and “worked for about 40 percent of patients” in clinical trials.  The FDA’s approval “comes with limits” and “is approved only for those who are not helped by existing drugs, the most widely used of which is allopurinol,” and physicians will be told to use a corticosteroid and antihistamine prior to administering Krystexxa to stop potentially severe allergic reactions. Krystexxa, or pegloticase, “is an enzyme that acts directly on uric acid, converting it into harmless chemicals that are excreted in the urine.” Without doubt, this therapy will come with a hefty price tag that insurers will balk at.

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  1. Bernard says:

    is Krystexxa have long term side effect?

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