Bad Teeth… Bad Joints

A recent article appeared in the October issue of Rheumatology News.

Dr. Jerry Molitor and colleagues at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine conducted a retrospective study looking at patients with a history of periodontitis.  They found that among non-smokers, the presence of periodontitis conferred a significant risk for the delopment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

They suggested the antibacterial effect of minocycline may explain the previosuly observed improvement of RA in patients treated with this antibiotic.

Additionally, they proposed screening periodonitis patients with a family history of rheumatoid arthritis for antibodies to anti-CCP which are a risk factor for the future development  of  RA.

Interesting food for thought.  So make sure you brush often and floss regularly.

I’ve been busy this past week serving as the official American College of Rheumatology Blogger for Medscape.  The meeting was held in my home town, Philadelphia.

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